LSPD Applicaiton [ Aiden Jackson ]

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Aiden Jackson
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LSPD Applicaiton [ Aiden Jackson ]

Post by Aiden Jackson » Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:59 pm

Recruitment Application Form - Batch #001

Section I - Basic Information

I.I - First Name: Aiden
I.II - Middle Name (if applicable):
I.III - Surname: Jackson
I.IV - Gender: Male [X] Female [ ]
I.V - Date of Birth: 15/09/1992
I.VI - Birth Country/Nation: Los Santos
I.VII - Are you a citizen of the City of Los Santos: Yes [X] No [ ]
I.VIII - Provide your residential address: Idlewood, Rental.
I.IX - Contact Information, such as the following:
I.IX.I - Email Address(es): [email protected]
I.IX.II - Phone Number(s): N/A
I.IX.III - Fax: N/A
I.IX.IV - Other(s): N/A
Section II - In-Depth Information

II.I - Provide a description of yourself:
Aiden Jackson is a young boy who was born in Los Santos in the house of Liam Jackson and Nova Jackson. He had two ssiters and one brother who just cared about himself. Aiden was the last in his siblings. His father and mother cared about Aiden a lot as he was the most youngest. The sisters of Aiden got married at their ages of 20+, His borhter started using Narcotics without any problem and was caught by the police. His father worked as a Captain in the Police Department of San Fierro that is why he also wanted Aiden to work in the same field, So he started giving training to Aiden from the start so he might get employeed in the Police Department some day, His father taught him several things like Shooting, Driving, Running and else things. This made Aiden urged for becoming a part of the Police Department, And he started trying his best to get employeed in the Police Department under the assistance of currentl chief Sir Fred Blake.

II.II - Why do you want to join the Police Department (Minimum word limit: 80):
As I stated above, it was my fathers dream to see me as a police officer in the department and with time it became my passion too that I want to work for my passion and to complete my and my father's dream. I always wanted to serve for nation so i thought that there is only one department in which there is chance that I will lay down my life for the nation, So I will make sure that the streets of Los Santos remains clean of crimes and else things to prevent the citizens from terrorism, rape and racism. I hope that these dreams will come true someday.

II.III - What are the strengths and weaknesses you possess? How can your strengths benefit you and us at the LSPD?
As I stated above in the biography and the reasoning of why I want to join that all my strengths that I have is because of my father, I have not much weight, I am best at driving, I am best at shooting and I think that there are much more skills in me that I cannot recognize and that can help me in the department.

II.IV - What valid licenses do you possess or own?
Driving License only

II.V - Do you possess any certifications, such as a GED?
Yes, I have earned many certficates in the past but I almost lost them all, I just have some left which also includes Law

II.VI - Additional Information (if applicable and/or necessary):
Section III - Out of Character Questions

III.I - Date of Birth: 15/09/1999
III.II - Geographical location and timezone: Pakistan, GMT +5
III.III - Do you have a stable and working microphone: Yes [X] No [ ]
III.IV - In-Game Account Username: Aiden_Jackson
III.V - Screenshot of Character's Statistics (/stats): N/A ( Server Closed )
III.VI - If your character's application is accepted, what time on which day will you be free to attend an interview with a Human Resources Officer (choose from the following):
Mondays [X]
Tuesdays [X]
Wednesdays [X]
Thursdays [X]
Fridays [X]

01:00 pm to 07:00 am [X]
01:00 pm to 7:00 pm [X]
01:00 pm to 07:00 pm [X]
01:00 pm and 7:00 pm [X]

I didn't get that question but I edited the time I can participate in-game

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Re: LSPD Applicaton [ Aiden Jackson ]

Post by Fred Blake » Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:06 pm

Mr Jackson,

After reviewing yours Recruit Police Officer Application, i am glad to announce that you've been ACCEPTED.

You've got 48 hours, to appear inside the Los Santos Police Department walls, and look for Higher Commands, to interview you.

We hope working with you in near future.

Los Santos Police Department,

Los Santos Police Department Chief of Police,

Fred Blake.